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Residential cleaning can seem daunting and time-consuming to most, but why not take that load off your shoulders so you can focus on things that matter? That is where we come in, to put the sparkle back into your home.

Let us free up time for yourself or your family so that you can enjoy some quality relaxation. So go ahead, take back control of your life, give us a call, and let us handle the dirty work!

​*We offer subsidized cleaning service rates for seniors and those living with disability


Residential Cleaning Services

As Needed | Weekly | Biweekly | Monthly

Look no further than Bouje Cleaning Co. if you are looking for an easy, effective way to keep your store, restaurant, or office spick and span. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we have the skill and expertise to get any job done right. Our commercial cleaning services offer an unbeatable combination of efficiency and effect!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office | Restaurant | Retail | Event Spaces

Moving from one place to another can be stressful, especially if you are worried about the condition of your old or new home. From reassuring landlords that you have left their property in pristine condition too ensuring peace of mind as you step into your clean space, let us take care of the tedious task of cleaning so you can enjoy the process more. Forget getting on your hands and knees with a bar of soap and bucket - we will save you time, money and energy with our team of professional cleaners who will help make the transition all the more enjoyable.

Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services

Air BnB | Pre-Listing/Open House

Owned & Leased Spaces

Make post-party cleaning a breeze with our special event cleaning services. With experienced, friendly staff and professional quality results, BOUJE Clean is the perfect choice for all your after-party needs. Whether you need to clean up outdoor candy tables or scrub away messes in the kitchen, look no further than our trusty team to get the job done right.

Special Event Cleaning Services

Staff Parties | Birthdays

Weddings | Corporate Events

Post-construction cleaning services make the tedious task of moving into a new space or renovating an existing one much easier and faster. Our professional team has the know-how and follow-through, so your building or home will look its best. We take pride in our thoroughness - from dusting while drywall dust still dances in the air to polishing those surfaces that got a bit too dusty throughout construction. Our post-construction cleaning services make the transition into your new space easy and hassle-free! We understand the difficulties of construction; building a brand new space should be celebrated, not stressed about - let us help make the process easier for you!

Post-Construction Cleaning services

Commercial  & Residential

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